Ajay Karwal aka Soul Concept

Ajay Karwal, aka Soul Concept, has been immersed in music from a young age, studying classical music theory and piano at school as well as playing various forms of Indian percussion. His early exposure to jazz, and classical sparked an interest in composition, melodies and storytelling through music.

In the mid-90s he developed an interest in DJing and spent much of the early 2000’s on regular rotation at a number of London student events playing RnB, UK Garage, Bhangra, House and Drum and Bass under his old moniker “DJ Essence”.

After a break from music to focus on raising a family, Ajay has rekindled his passion under a new name — Soul Concept — and today, he focuses primarily on producing and performing within the soulful, atmospheric, “liquid funk” subgenre of Drum and Bass.

His sound is characterised by its upbeat melodies, warm basslines and crisp breaks. Heavily influenced by the mid-2000s liquid drum and bass scene, it was during this time that he developed a deep affection for the genre, inspired by the works of artists such as Calibre, Makoto, High Contrast, Zero T, Lenzman, LTJ Bukem, Redeyes, Alix Perez, DJ Krust, DJ Marky, and Commix.

He occasionally infuses his Indian heritage into his music, blending it with drum and bass elements to create a unique musical fusion inspired by the likes of Osmani Soundz, Nitin Sawhney, Karsh Kale, Talvin Singh, Shiva Soundsystem, and The Nasha Experience.

2023 saw the release of Soul Concept’s debut album “Revelations”; a collection of soulful drum and bass tracks exploring aspects of his musical influences and styles.